Beautiful Curse

Where do I even start Her skin is caramel Her eyes are more charming than Bambi’s Her lips look delicate & temptatious Her left cheek has a slight indentation, cute I won’t even… Continue reading

I was in love

I was in love She was beautiful She was fierce Bright with warmth Emotional And short tempered She’s still beautiful but shrunk with age Her ferocity is now tainted with the scent of… Continue reading


Another view of the Pretoria West Power Station, but this time the towers weren’t in view.

Powerful West

The power station again but this time in B&W. Beautiful

Pretoria West Power Station

I like how the clouds were captured in the picture even though it was around 9pm. the reflection off the water was stunning. PS: my mom once told my little brother that crocs… Continue reading

The Voortrekker Monument

The City of Pretoria

Freedom Park, UNISA, Telkom Tower and the Voortrekker Monument!!!


Couldn’t resist editing a few pictures into black and white. Still beautiful!

The Beautiful West

Just another beautiful view of Pretoria West.

Nightlight Glare

The hill overlooking Fountains Valley